Divine Straightening®

of the spine by patricia st. clair

I hardly know anyone who doesn't have a "lifetime issue" like that. Such a continuous loop that runs through life like a red thread. A challenge for which there seems to be no solution. These can be physical issues, when health keeps going crazy. Chronic pain for which there seems to be no cure.


Maybe you want a harmonious relationship from the bottom of your heart, but you keep failing at the same point. Your kids are on your back or maybe it's your boss with whom you are constantly getting into trouble. 


As an entrepreneur, you get stuck at a certain point in your business. It's all these cycles. They seem to exist like invisible rubber bands that bounce you back to the same point every time


This eternal cycle is tiring and it makes you endlessly tired. It can even end in emotional distress and, in the worst cases, depression. Exhaustion. Burnout. Maybe you know insomnia, headaches, back problems, menstrual pains, etc.


With the Divine Straightening® of the spine by Patricia St. Clair everything comes into divine order. You come into harmony within yourself and step by step your entire life comes into balance. 

Everything is connected to everything

The spine is always directly or indirectly involved in health and well-being. It is crucial for the physical and emotional well-being. Our spine is connected to all the energy systems of the body. With the nerves, chakras, lymphatic and meridian systems, as well as the blood system. Also, all of our imprints, beliefs, traumas and genetic information are stored in it.


Bringing divine order into consciousness releases the past, clears blockages and removes the causes of many diseases, pains and malfunctions of all organs and glands. Old stressful memories of the past are released from the muscles of the back. The spine straightens up.  Pelvic misalignment, shoulder blade imbalance as well as leg length discrepancy are immediately corrected and possible differences are adjusted.


Within the first few weeks after the straightening, one can clearly feel the detachment of the old issues and patterns, which are immediately replaced by the arrangement of newly programmed cells. This gentle way of straightening initiates a healing that can continue for the next few months.

To the Point

It is truly a celestial experience and it is very different for everyone. Everything is right and if you have physical discomfort, be patient with yourself.


The changes may become visible in your body already at this moment or maybe little by little.

what to expect

The Divine Straightening® of the spine works without any touching of the body and takes place on a purely energetic level as a remote healing.


I recommend you to drink a lot of pure water on this day and to abstain from alcohol and the consumption of meat.


During the Divine Straightening® you go to a quiet place and you just enjoy it. All happens in a few seconds and the light frequencies flow into your body.


They will slowly anchor themselves in your consciousness. You will feel when you want to get up again afterwards.


A follow-up treatment after one week is recommended.

book here

Adults € 300

follow-up treatment € 100


Children up to 12 years: € 150

follow-up treatment € 50


small animals: € 100

follow-up treatment € 30


Larger animals, buildings, companies etc. by arrangement


Remote Healings every Tuesday and Thursday at 8 pm.


Individual appointments on request €500

The miracles in Lotus Love

The miracles that I can experience with my wonderful clients with Divine Straightening® are simply gigantic. In the sphere of Lotus Love, in which we work with Divine Straightening®, miracle after miracle happens. 


Chronic pain that disappears in a few days. Pacemakers that can be removed again. Houses that have been cleared, in which the inhabitants feel very comfortable again and living together becomes much more harmonious. Dogs and cats that recover. Yes, and also those that glide very gently and peaceful to the other side of life. 


Everything comes into divine order. Everything comes into balance. 


I am happy from the bottom of my heart to touch you, your family, children, animals, houses and companies with this wonderful work.


Love & Light