VIP 1:1

With every step that you go on and increase your frequency, your entire life rises. It is gigantic what then happens inside and outside of you.


My greatest wish is that you experience these euphoric feelings and happy vibrations. It is our birthright to be happy and full of love. There is nothing else you should allow. 


You are allowed to be happy even if your life is not perfect yet. Because it never will be. You are born to grow every day and shine even more beautiful and bright. You choose experiences as a soul and you are now allowed to come into peace with EVERYTHING. 


We all have our weak points. That is completely normal. But you may finally understand that you are the creator of EVERYTHING and really EVERYTHING in your life. Stop judging yourself for it and acknowledge the highest love within you.


There are situations in life that you may now simply embrace with your greatest love and let go of EVERYTHING that is not the highest and most beautiful. You may feel PEACE WITHIN YOU! There is no other option!


Yes, there is no other option left but to be infinitely happy, rich and fulfilled!!!! Everything else is an illusion. 

It is time for you to expose ALL of your illusions! There is no lack, sacrifice and suffering when you look into the eyes of reality! Experience the infinite love and deepest joy that you truly ARE! Raise your life to the highest!


Love & Light


to the point

GLOW VIP 1:1 means for you to light the turbo in your life. 


You raise ALL parts in your life to the highest and get the VIP access on your way to the new paradigm.

what to expect

I accompany you in high-frequency individual sessions (online) in the rhythm of your soul. We are connected via WhatsApp and you get daily impulses from me.


In the gigantic space of GLOW you will receive the highest frequencies and healing codes of the new energy. Included is a GLOW Retreat with me at an uplifting Soul Place.


6 months
including GLOW Retreat

We open the highest gates of light for you

I am so happy for all the wonderful souls who are now entering the energy of the new time. Who now dare to go further and deeper than ever before. Who I may accompany with all my love and the wisdom of the heart.  


You may always trust your soul. ALWAYS. Never say no, that is too little for me, that is too much for me. I can't do that, I don't want to do that, I already know that. Never say I have no time, I have no money. 


All this separates you from your true being and therefore also from your true soul path, your love and your light. These are the moments when you become sad, angry, empty, desperate....


Your soul leads you crystal clear and often on paths that make absolutely no sense. Right there you may trust even more and just do it. Over and over again. Trust and jump. 


And at some point it won't be jumping anymore, because you just feel that THIS IS IT NOW. POINT. 


Love & Light