Grace Integrity® 3:1 Codes

by patricia st. clair

You probably know these moments in your life. You feel controlled by others. Many things work according to your wishes, but not everything. Somehow you feel as if you had lost your magic wand. You often feel out of place, different from the others. Sometimes you even have the feeling that you were born on the wrong planet.


These are exactly the signs that you now shoud fully embody as a soul.


Over the incarnations and eons of time you have experienced many things. There was much beauty, but there was also much pain, suffering, abuse and humiliation. So you have cut yourself off in desperate moments in your unconsciousness piece by piece.


You have become incredibly entangled over time and your soul parts are spread everywhere with people, animals, places, etc.. Just as you also carry foreign parts of others in you. This is exactly what gives you the feeling of being externally controlled and somehow not getting to "the point" where your true transformation and the redemption of all your challenges and problems in your life is possible.


Grace Intregrity® means that you finally arrive fully in your body. All your soul parts flow back to you and so does your power. With this power it is finally possible for you to follow your true soul path and manifest your dream life. With Mental Heart Fusion, your heart takes the lead in your life and guides you safely to your most beautiful and richest life. 

The magic of Grace Integrity®

With the receiving of Grace Integrity® 3:1 a new universe opens up to you. You will realize step by step the infinite possibilities of your soul path. You will feel a new power in you and feel infinitely connected. WITH YOU. Yes, it is what you have been searching for all your life.... YOURSELF in your true love and the highest light. You finally know what you came to this wonderful planet for. Because you FEEL it! Deep inside of YOU.


It is your path to true freedom. There are all these soul parts coming back. You finally feel WHOLE with yourself and so free, so true and clear. All your inner doubters say goodbye and the voices of the ego gradually fall silent. New paths open up that you never even dared to dream of before. You take back your power and miracles upon miracles happen. Love vibrations and feelings of happiness flow through you.


It is this deep inner awareness that now really EVERYTHING comes into divine order. EVERYTHING falls into place. 


the 3 Aspects of 3:1 Codes

1. SOUL Embodyment

Grace Integrity® is the integration of the divine lost soul parts. The merged feminine and masculine God energy magnetizes your lost soul parts and descends into your true self.


Cellular rejuvenation, strength, luminous energies, abundance on all levels and health are just a few aspects that will shape your day. Your divine true self has returned - soulfully and physically! You are perfect!


The importance of soul communication becomes necessary in the New Energy! Due to the soul embodiment a very profound healing process of your old injuries will be activated and you will reach a maximum frequency elevation.

2. manifestation

You feel a wonderful heart opening with the most beautiful vibrations of love. You begin to love your true self without any ego motivation and no longer follow your mind, but only the advice of your heart.


All manifestations that you feel with a strong pulsation in your heart come into your life immediately. They come to you easily and without any resistance, because they are no longer ego-motivated, but are manifested through pure heart love.


It may be that desires and ideas that you had suddenly fall away, because you recognize their ego motivation. Instead, the true things suddenly come into your life quite easily. When you experience a strong vibration in your heart about a certain thing, you know it's just right!

3. mental heart fusion

This code causes the fusion of the mind, the thoughts (mental body) with the heart.


Above all, you awaken more and more clearly to your true self and immediately recognize any ego motivation. The ego loses more and more leadership every day and gives back the reigns to the merged heart power.


The heart becomes the magnet of your reality!


You no longer experience yourself through suffering and drama, but through joy and love. You realize that you exist in a 12-dimensional space and are connected with much more than can be perceived with the eyes.

to the point

Grace Integrity® ist der Lichtcode des universellen Christusbewusstseins.


3:1 Code Übertragung Grace Integrity® Seelenverkörperung Soul Embodyment, Manifestation und Mental Heart Fusion.


Das Wahre Selbst kehrt vollständig nach Hause zurück und du fühlst dich GANZ bei DIR!

what to expect

The Grace Integrity® 3:1 codes are transmitted remotely. Everything happens purely energetically. 


I recommend you to drink a lot on the day of the transmission and to abstain from alcohol and meat consumption. 


The transmission will work even if you are on the road at that exact time.


Of course, it is nice if you retreat to a quiet place and consciously enjoy the inflow.  

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Our mission is to make soul embodiment possible for as many people as possible.


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The tribute of my way


When it suddenly becomes quiet inside you. When it begins to dawn on you what you are actually doing. When you begin to understand in depth what this path really means. 


It was the moment when I was initiated as a Master of Grace Integrity®. I have the honor to transmit these wonderful codes of light to great souls who feel it is time to walk the path into their true divinity.


Something happened with Grace Integrity®, deep inside me. It feels so natural. Like I've never done anything else my whole life before. With my Master Code in my heart, touching me deeply anew every day. Yes, this tool is powerful and mighty. I am in my full power. 


I am happy from the bottom of my heart to be able to transmit these wonderful codes to you as well. 


Love & Light