High Frequency Session

I want you to feel it, to the last cell of your being. That you shine and glow. This priceless feeling of having arrived. This joy, fulfillment and deepest gratitude in your heart. All the love that flows to you. 


I want your challenges to come to an end and that you finally follow your true soul mission. That you find what you have been searching for all your life. Yourself. 


You are soul. Infinitely wide and velvety soft. It is this golden energy that flows in unstoppably, the sparkling love light that makes your heart diamond shine brighter than ever before. 


You need someone to feel and guide you. This is the only way to get to the deep roots of your issues and recognize their origin, so that you can then transform them into the highest light of love. 


For this I have the most ingenious tools at hand, which exceed EVERYTHING I have ever known before. I accompany you in the highest frequency directly from the divine source. 


Full of humility I follow my mission and accompany you with pleasure in all your topics, whether relationships, health, emotional issues, profession, etc.

Get back into your flow

Yes, that's what flow feels like. You are always at the right time, in the right place, with the right people, things, animals and plants. 


To get there, I was allowed to go very, very, very deep. I was allowed to meet my primal fears and transform my deepest pain points into the highest light. 


Because you know, you are blind for your own shadows. You can't see it from the inside out. For that you need someone who looks at your field from the outside. Who leads you exactly to your root, where an issue has its true origin. 


That is the genius of my frequency coaching. You solve an issue within seconds. No digging, no litigation, no suffering for days. You heal NOW in this moment.

to the point

In my High Frequency Session you will meet exactly the issue that is present for you NOW. 


We get to the root of the issue and release it gently and softly. You heal the root deeply and shine in your new being. 


You will rise like the Phoenix from the ashes and you will immediately notice the changes in your life.

what to expect

We meet for the session by phone or in an online meeting.


I always work intuitively from the moment and you always get exactly what you need at that moment for your progress. 


The conversation can also last less than an hour and I transmit frequencies the rest of the time.

book here

High Frequency Session €550
1 hour High Frequency Session by phone 


High Frequency Package €1500

3 High Frequency Sessions of 1 hour each by phone

The new energy


A part of me KNEW it existed. That part always kept me going, even when there were countless really big challenges to overcome. And one day I met it. 


The highest frequency. I will never forget that moment. The moment when it touched my heart. It was as if my entire system finally breathed a sigh of relief. I could let go for the first time and felt, THIS IS IT!


I know I could never have done all this on my own. I am so grateful for my mentors and love them so much. They are the greatest light on my path and now I am here to be the light for you. 


I am happy to accompany you on your true soul path. 


Love & Light