Oneness Creation® Circle

by patricia st. clair

I know those times of when magic happens. When everything flows to you as if by magic. When suddenly all the miracles happen and it seems like heaven on earth.


But only seems. Because there were the times again, when everything collapsed, the money ran through my fingers, the customers broke away, I had accidents, back pain, anger, dramas, slander.....


It was an eternal up and down. Good times, bad times. I was so tired of it all. And I know a lot of people are feeling that way right now.


I had done EVERYTHING that was in my power. I had tried EVERYTHING and booked one coaching after the other. With the result that I ended up in the same place as before.


 Understand me correctly. They were wonderful companions. They saw me, they saw my potential, they took me very far. But in the end, I never got to THE point that REALLY changed everything in me. We manifested blithely from duality, which always brought the other side of the coin. It was like bewitched. I couldn't get out of it.


Until the moment when I came into contact with the energy of Oneness Creation®.


I will never forget that one moment. My tears were running and my heart was jumping at the same time. I felt a deep, inner relief. This was what I had been searching for all my life. It had found me. FINALLY!


I had the humility to ONLY let my soul guide me. And since then, miracles upon miracles have been happening. The magic came back and it doesn't stop anymore. It becomes more and more beautiful, better, more loving, richer and more fulfilling.


I can hardly put into words how many miracles have already happened. I FINALLY got to that deep, soulful pain. I was allowed to heal in depth. A trauma that I had carried inside for decades. I broke free. 


As I write these lines, I have goose bumps. Yes, it is that big and powerful to manifest from Oneness Creation®. It is the key to EVERYTHING. Because you create only the highest and most beautiful in your life!



You have it in your hand with the magic wand of Oneness Creation®. Because you ARE the holy grail. You are the vessel of creation from which you create the life of your dreams!


Everything you touch becomes GOLD.

You carry the holy grail within you.

You are the creation vessel of your true soul desires.

You are the golden light.

Bring it to overflow.


From the inside to the outside.

You heal your Goddess and the God within you.

The sacred sexuality of the divine feminine and masculine.

In this energy frequency all your dreams and desires come true.

The true desires of your heart.

You are taking back your power. 


For it is you who creates EVERYTHING. Without exception. Your life is only the result of the last 5-12 months.

No more and no less.


No more manifestations from the ego.

No other side of the coin, like when you create from duality.


When life flows through your fingers, emotional roller coaster rides, the valleys of drama and the mountains of euphoria. Up and down. Good times, bad times. That's over now.


You create ONLY from the energy of Oneness Creation® your most beautiful, rich and happy life full of love on ALL levels!

to the point

In the sacred space and the celestial energy of the Oneness Creation® Circle you will be able to really let yourself go.


You can finally relax on all levels and get access to your true soul desires, which you manifest only from your highest frequency.


You create the life of your dreams!

what to expect

We meet twice a week in the secret Facebook group and train together Oneness Creation®. No previous experience is necessary.


You train with me either 2 or 4 weeks.


After 4 weeks of training you have the opportunity to become an Oneness Creation® Coach for €1000 with a certified master.

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Train with me 2 weeks € 999 or

4 weeks € 1999


My path of Oneness

Full of humility and love, I entered this room of Oneness Creation® and am simply blessed. Manifesting from Oneness.


It is so different. So simple. So delicate. This is what I love about the Way of Oneness. No hoopla, traraaa, beating drums and bouncing in circles.


It happens. Period. It is the energy. Nothing more, nothing less. We don't need fairy dust or unicorn magic to make it happen.


I AM the energy. I AM Oneness.


Oneness is so big, so radiant, so deep. Transformative. Healing. Smiling. 


Love & Light