high frequency mentoring

The new energy is highest frequency. You can choose. You choose duality or oneness. And in this divine energy, doors and gates open to new possibilities. Yes, you get to choose to become your true self and be full of happiness and euphoria every day.


You get to choose to create your most beautiful, best and richest life. A life full of wonder. It is the path into your deepest love for yourself. The realization that you are in truth infinite soul and from this power everything, really everything is possible. Create your life full of miracles. 


Imagine, you meet EVERY situation in your life only with love?

Imagine, you see every supposed blow of fate only full of gratitude?

Every separation, every pain, every suffering you grasp in the depth of your BEING as the greatest gift of your soul.

It is no longer appropriate to wait until something "happens" and then heal it.

You are allowed to be healed NOW.


There is no more guilt, no more guilty conscience, no more "I should have," no more "I wonder if it was right." Free yourself from all the old baggage that you carry uselessly on your shoulders. Take control of your life. NOW!

No matter what happens to you. In the KNOWING and FEELING that everything has its rightness, that we all as souls have chosen this path. When you take full responsibility for EVERYTHING and empower yourself again.


Then there is really only one thing left: LOVE.


To get there, I was allowed to go very, very, very deep. This is exactly the journey I take you on in my High Frequency Mentoring Smiling Heart.


It's time to fly. Higher than ever before.

It's time to live. Happier than ever before.

It's time to love. Deeper than ever before.

Shine my angel and fly out into the world. Arrive on this earth deeply rooted in you. 


It is the highest, the most beautiful, the most precious thing you get. YOU in your most radiant ✨GLOW✨ when your heart smiles.


The breath of your soul

In the space of infinity, your life is a blink of an eye. It is as if you breathe in and breathe out once as a soul. That's it. One life on earth is over and on it goes. Look at things in the bigger dimension. But not without losing the ground under your feet. Grounding and deep rootedness with our Mother Goddess Gaia is indispensable.


It is the elixir and essence for you as a human being on this planet. Feel. Feel. Feel. The connection to you. The connection to the earth. And expand across worlds and dimensions. Suns, moon and stars. Stay grounded.

If you feel you were born on the wrong planet, that is nothing more than lack of embodiment of the soul. You may be from other planets. But in THIS life YOU have chosen the earth. So decide now to arrive here fully and completely.


Say YES to the gift of life. Feel yourself in your wholeness. Breathe. Breathe deeply in and out. Feel.

You were born here on this earth. You came to live a life of abundance, ease and the true joy of the heart. Yes, it is your true soul path. Let go of all your pains. On all levels of your being.


They are illusion. They are a construct of your ego. It is the deep inner layers that you need to reach now. And you only get there when you detonate the outer illusions layer by layer, step by step.


You transform everything into the highest, purest, purest form of love. Yes you ARE love. But to realize this, you are allowed to let go. Let go. To turn all that into golden stardust and TAKE it back to you.

Not taking because of the will. No, it is the taking in the natural cycle of life. Taking and giving. Breathing in and breathing out. So easy.


In the flow of your soul. Feel. Feel. Feel.


With the Smiling Heart High Frequency Group Mentoring you choose the direct access into the new paradigm. 


You will let go of everything that no longer fits into your life and FILL it with the Highest. 


You will create your most beautiful, richest and happiest life on ALL levels!

what to expect

We meet once a week for a Live Call in the Heart Smile Group. 


I work with the energy of the new time and always work from the moment, what shows up for you in that moment. 


Included in the mentoring is the monthly participation in the PURE LOVE Frequency Training, Oneness Creation® Circle, Grace Integrity® Healings and Divine Straightening®.

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Smiling Heart Group Mentoring

Start 23.6.23


3 months €15'000

Payment Plan possible on request

The new energy




It was just there. And it felt soooooo good. So me. So just me. Yes and then the feeling got stronger and stronger. I felt this smile in my heart every day. At the beginning now and then, more and more intense until the day when it was just constantly there! Sometimes I don't even know what is happening to me anymore. It is indescribably heavenly beautiful..... 


From this came my wonderful mentoring program and much more. Love is overflowing me with such power that I don't know where to go with it. 


I want YOU to get there too, so that your heart smiles infinitely beautiful.




Love & Light